Bodies of the chamber

The Slovak Chamber of Architects consists of the following bodies:


  1. a) General Assembly
  2. b) Managing Board
  3. c) Commission for Authorization
  4. d) Disciplinary Commission

The highest authority of the Slovak Chamber of Architects is the General Assembly formed by all members of the Chamber.

The General Assembly is summoned by the Managing Board at least once per 2 years.


The main tasks of the General Assembly are:


  1. a) to elect and to recall the President, Vice-President of the Chamber and members of the Managing Board and the Commission for Authorization for a period of two years,
  2. b) to approve the Statute of the Chamber and other internal rules and orders, especially the ethical rules, electoral law, disciplinary order and regulations for the conduct of authorization examinations,
  3. c) to approve the sum of the contribution of members to the activities of the Chamber’s executive bodies,
  4. d) to change or cancel decisions made by the Managing Board,
  5. e) to constitute its office and determine the basic rules of its activities, to approve the budget and the auditor agreed annual general balance-sheet of the Chamber.