Regional representatives

Regional representative is a permanently authorized person to act in a specified range with state authorities, the municipalities and their associations and other legal persons in the region. The regional representative shall be appointed and removed by the Managing Board from among the obligatory members of the Chamber for an indefinite period.


Tasks: Regional representatives
a) concentrate the members from the region and brings the information from the bodies of the Chamber to members,
b) organize regional meetings of the members of the Chamber,
c) organize the meetings with public as an advertisement of the Chamber,
d) arrange the meeting with the bodies of Chamber in the region and a performance of authorization examination and the oath,
e) handle the submissions and complaints lodged against the members in the region,
f) participate in the name of the Chamber at local activities.

List, contaacts:

Ing. arch. Roman TURČAN
Komenského 15
974 01  Banská Bystrica

Pre KOŠICE region:
Prof. Ing. arch. Peter PÁSZTOR, PhD.
Tomášikova 31
040 01 Košice

Pre PREŠOV region:
Ing. arch. Peter MARCINKO
Tarasa Ševčenka 7
080 01 Prešov

Pre ŽILINA region:
Akad. arch. Dušan VOŠTENÁK
Veľká Okružná 62
010 01 Žilina