Professional Experience

The professional experience is an inevitable condition for the authorization. The minimum length for the professional experience is three years after graduation of architectural training proved by evidence of formal qualification according to the Law of Slovak National Council No. 138/1992 Coll. as amended, § 16.

The professional experience shall be done throughout the length under supervision of the authorized architect in architectural studio (office) and shall be specialized on architectural activities. The professional experience may be done abroad under supervision of architect who is according to the local law recognized for the profession.

Content and procedure of the professional experience shall be marked in the logbook and certified by the architect who carried out the supervision.

If an applicant acquired the professional qualification in a Member State without performance of the professional experience, may be authorized in Slovak Republic only when he/she performed the profession in the Member State of recognition for at least two years after the recognition, otherwise the compensation measure will be applied.

Downloaded, filled and printed logbook attach to the application form for authorization examination.