The establishment in Slovak Republic means the permanent providing of services in Slovak Republic which is according to the Law of the Slovak National Council No. 138/1992 Coll. as amended connected to the seat of architectural studio or office in Slovak Republic and with the membership in Slovak Chamber of Architects.

The establishment begins on the day of enrolment to the list of authorized architects/landscape architects.

The enrolling procedure begins on the day of delivery of the application at the Chamber (in person, by mail, electronically or by single contact points).

Terms for the enrolment are

  1. authorization by Commission for Authorization of the Chamber,
  2. integrity according to § 15b of the Law (proved by abstract of criminal record; the abstract shall not be necessary if the period of three months from the date of the authorization till the submission of the application has not expired),
  3. taking of the oath according to § 23 of the Law,
  4. payment of the enrolment fee (until the beginning of the oath).

The enrolment will be done within three days from the date of taking of the oath if the applicant did not request for another date of the enrolment to the list. The evidence of the establishment is the authorization certificate and the stamp.