Vouluntary Membership


Any person, who has a full legal capacity and is over the age of 18 years, can become a voluntary member by a written request. It shall not apply on the person who was expelled for disciplinary offense and the period of three years since the exclusion has not run. The Managing Board decides about the adoption.

Creation: Membership is on a voluntary basis on the first day of the month following in which the applicant has been accepted as a voluntary member.

Voluntary member has a right to

a) participate on the social activities of the Chamber, on development of the architecture, on care of building culture and harmonic formation of the territories, on the protection of the public interests in the field of architecture and urbanism, and to participate on the promotional, informational, advisory and awareness activities of the Chamber,

b) participate on the internal life of the Chamber including its activities supporting the partnership and exchange of experience and expert knowledge,

c) elect and to be elected to the bodies of the Chamber except the Commission for Authorization,

d) participate on the meetings of the General Assembly and to elect there,

e) introduce his/her own proposals related to the tasks of the Chamber and to ask for an explanation from the bodies of the Chamber related to the execution of the tasks of the Chamber,

f) use the facilities and services of the Chamber.

Obligations:  Voluntary member is obliged to

a) ensure a good name of the Chamber, participate on its activities and help to execute its tasks,

b) comply with laws and other regulations, the Status and orders of the Chamber,

c) attend the General Assembly, the meeting of other body of the Chamber or disciplinary senate on the basis of written summon,

d) perform a function to which he was elected at least one term period,

e) pay the contributions for the activities of the bodies of the Chamber.

The contribution of the voluntary member is 60 euros per year and is payable by the end of the April.

Cease:  Voluntary membership ceases by

a) the death of the voluntary member,

b) the cancelation of the membership on the basis of the loss of the full legal capacity,

c) the secession of the member from the Chamber,

d) the expiration of time,

d) the exclusion.

The secession of the voluntary membership of the member ceases when he/she applies for it in writing unless the application is not valid.

The voluntary membership by the expiration of time ceases if,

a) he/she has been accepted only for a certain time,

b) the agreement on time limit membership has been accepted during the voluntary membership,

c) the voluntary member has not paid a basic contribution for the activity of the Chamber despite the written appeal not even by the end of the calendar year.

The exclusion of the voluntary membership ceases if there was a final imposition of the exclusion as a disciplinary punishment.

The day of the cease of the voluntary membership is

a) the day referred to in the application on the secession, otherwise it is the day of its delivery in the Chamber,

b) the day of the validity of the decision on the suspension of the legal capacity,

c) the day when the event occurred and which is the reason for the cease of the voluntary membership,

d) the day of the validity of the decision on the deleting of the voluntary member,

e) December 31th, when it is a failure of the payment of basic contribution.

The voluntary membership in the Slovak Chamber of Architects shall not entitle on the exercise of profession of architect and landscape architect.