Eureopean Network of Architects´ Competent Authorities (ENACA)


The Network exchanges information on laws, procedures and standards for registration of architects in the EU/EEAlSwiss area. It concentrates on the technicalities of administrative cooperation; and does not try to dictate what CAs do individually in exercise of their statutory functions and responsibilities at national level.


The ENACA (European Network of Architects’ Competent Authorities) is a voluntary initiative by some Competent Authorities (CAs) responsible for architects, in order to help themselves and each other in implementing and complying with the PQD. The Directive requires administrative cooperation between EU/EEA Member States in registration procedures for architects and others, who seek recognition of their qualifications so as to register under the laws of a host country.



Education as well as the actual range of activities of an architect in the EU the architect does not have homogeneous character. Therefore it is not possible to create a system unifying the educational systems for the profession of an architect across Europe. On the contrary, acceptance of national circumstances and respect to the principles of proportionality and subsidiarity provides for a natural and historically justified diversity of architecture in Europe. Even when creating the new European legislation there was no intention of the legislature to actually change in this aspect anything. On the other hand, since the times of transposition of the Qualifications Directive from this diversity there was a need of the architects’ competent authorities to make since the time of transposition of the Qualification Directive, to form a network that would serve as a communication platform for exchanging experiences and would simplify administrative cooperation and consultation of respective legislation.

Therefore, the European Network of Architects´ Competent Authorities was created in 2006 – and the Slovak Chamber of Architects has been actively since the very beginning. In September of 2011, at the proposal of the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland (RIAI), Ing. Oľga Miháliková was elected as a Chair of ENACA; the present Deputy Director of the SCA and at the same time Officer for foreign affairs and notification of professional qualification; has held this position since January 2012. With her election, Slovak Chamber of Architects has the honour to be the seat of ENACA. In 2010 and 2013, meetings successfully took place in Bratislava Office of the Chamber, and it was attended by more than 20 representatives of the competent authorities of different EU MS.


Representative:             Ing. Oľga Miháliková (Deputy Director and Officer for foreign affairs and notification of professional qualification, Chair of ENACA)

Address:                       ENACA
                                    Slovak Chamber of architects
                                    Panská 15
                                    811 01 Bratislava