European Forum for Architectural policies (EFAP)


The European Forum for Architectural Policies (EFAP) is an informal network of experts in the field of architectural policies in Europe, which brings together government administrations, the profession and the cultural institutions in all EU Member States and at European level. Its objective is to encourage exchanges of views and experiences on the promotion of architectural policies designed to enhance building urban and landscape quality, and more generally the quality of the living environment, at both national and European level. EFAP has been actively involved in the preparation of the next EU policies and programs, in particular the Creative Europe, the Regional Policies (cohesion) and research policies. Among the national policies following this integrated format is Ireland’s Government Policy on Architecture 2009-2015.


EFAP, as the only trans-sectorial network which brings together professionals, public authorities and cultural institutions, has played an important role in promoting the implementation and progression of architectural policies in the Member States and the European Commission, and in bringing this issue to the forefront of political debate – within the European Parliament, the Committee of the Regions, and the European Commission.

EFAP works towards better architectural and urban policies, on a national and European scale, urban design, innovation, and cultural, social, ecological and economical justice, being a member means giving a voice to architecture in the European debate; gathering and contributing to a better understanding of innovative processes in urban strategies; and taking an active part in this struggle through contributions and positions papers on the evolving architectural and urban policies.

As holders of the EU Presidency for the first half of 2013, Ireland is now in preparation to host the European Forum for Architectural Policies (EFAP) Conference and General Assembly meeting.


Representative: Ing. Arch. Jozef Isteneš (authorized architect of the SCA, member of the Presidium of the Slovak Architects Society)