World Federation of Young Architects (F.M.J.A.)


The F.M.J.A. has, at its disposition, an international network of practicing architects and teachers to animate the Forums. Depending on the specific issue of the Forum, the F.M.J.A. also engages international and national experts to intervene during the Forum. On the strength of its networks, the F.M.J.A. and CIAF teams, allocated to organize the Forum, can engage the expertise of speakers and architects to animate the Forum. The Forums are organized by the F.M.J.A. and CIAF in partnership with the professional organizations of the host country. A close collaboration with the client before the event defines a theme pertinent to the Forum and identifies all the necessary skills for its success. The Forums are study and dialogue opportunities for young professionals; architects, town planners and landscape architects who develop proposals together. They enable architects from different horizons and cultures to meet, to compare their work methods and to bring a new and original approach to a real issue identified by a public sector client from a municipality, city, agglomeration, group of adjoining municipalities or from a region. The number of speakers depends on the number of delegates; there is at least 1 leader per team, each team consists of 5 architects. Architects, town planners and landscape architects less than forty years old from member countries of the International Union of Architects, which represents 124 countries, are entitled to participate in the Forums that are also open to final year architecture students.


World Federation of Young Architects (F.M.J.A.) is a French association founded in 1996. It contributes to implement the actions in favour of architects less than 40 years; the age limit fixed by UNESCO. It provides a platform to coordinate, promote, stimulate and strengthen actions initiated by its members or by the bodies accredited to the Association, in particular, to organize international forums for young architects.

Representative:             Akad. Arch. Štefan Mitro (authorized architect of the SCA, member of the Presidium of the Slovak Architects Society)        

Address:                       F.M.J.A.
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                                    66000 Perpignan FRANCE
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