The European Parliament, plenary building in Brussels – The Paul Henri Spaak building

The European Parliament has launched an Architectural competition with the purpose of choosing the best concept for its plenary building in Brussels – The Paul Henri Spaak building.

The competition will be staged in two phases, a first phase of call for applications, and a second phase of development of conceptual proposals with 25 candidates selected after the first phase.

The competition was launched via the EU Official Journal, and the documentation can be found on the following websites:

For the announcement:

For the documentation:

According to the Financial Regulation 2018/1046 and the tender documents, one of the selection criteria is to be part of the EU 28 countries and/or party to the WTO GPA agreement on Public procurement. Your organisation stands for the Architectural practice of a region belonging to this group of countries.

We would highly appreciate if you could transmit this information to potentially concerned actors and experts of your region.

Directorate General for Infrastructure and Logistics, European Parliament