Professional Indemnity Insurance

According to § 12 of the Law of the Slovak National Council No. 138/1992 Coll. as amended:

(1)  Architect and engineer are responsible for the damage they cause in connection with the performance of their activities. They are also responsible for damage caused by persons acting on their behalf as their employees or deputies on the basis of a written commission.

(2)  Within ten days following his enrolment in the list of authorized architects or authorized engineers (hereinafter called „list”), the architect or engineer signs a contract for professional indemnity insurance against damage which might be caused during the performance of his activities or those of his employees. He notifies the Chamber of his insurance policy.

(3)  Chamber shall be allowed to conclude a collective insurance policy on professional liability insurance in benefit of its members enrolled in the list kept by the Chamber. Member shall be obliged to pay premium according to the collective insurance policy, otherwise its duty as refers to the paragraph 2 holds over.

(4)  According to paragraph 2, the insurance shall be valid all the time he performs his activities and employs employees.