Office of the Slovak Chamber of Architects

Status: Office of the Slovak Chamber of Architects is the executive department of the Chamber for all bodies of the Chamber which provides administrative, financial, membership, legal and organizational issues of the bodies. The Office was established by the General Assembly on October 10th, 1992. It is formed by all employees and other contract workers.


Tasks: The Office mainly

  1. a) ensures the written agenda and organizational and technical part of all bodies of the Chamber and serves as their secretariat,
  2. b) ensures the expert documents and writings necessary for the negotiation of the bodies of the Chamber,
  3. c) prepares all written resolutions and decisions of the bodies of the Chamber,
  4. d) performs resolutions and decisions of the bodies of the Chamber,
  5. e) manages the registry of the Chamber and serves as a filling room for the written documents of the Chamber,
  6. f) organizationally and administratively ensure keeping of list and register of architects,
  7. g) keeps the personal documents of the members of the Chamber,
  8. h) organizationally and technically ensures the performance of the authorization examination and the oath,
  9. i) ensures the function of the information centre for the exercise of profession and connection of the Chamber to the information system of the European Commission IMI,
  10. j) provides correspondence and electronic communication with regulatory bodies, with single contact points and with the bodies of the civil service in the issues of recognition of professional qualification.


Chief Executive Officer

– zastupovanie úradu SKA navonok
– komunikácia so zástupcami štátnej a verejnej správy
– obhajovanie záujmov architektov
– prezentácia aktivít SKA
– nadväzovanie partnerstiev doma i v zahraničí, 0911 443 410
02/54431254 (1080)


Office Assistant

– secretary work, registration of the Chamber
– keeping the register of architectural works, keeping the list of works in the competition CEZAAR,
– electronic evidence of the list and register of the architects, evidence of the contributions to the activities of the bodies of the Chamber and evidence of the honorary declarations.,, 0911 443 415
02/54431254 (1080), FAX: 02/544310863


Mgr. Michaela MAROŠOVÁ
Assistant for the authorization, foreign affairs and architectural competitions

– dealing with sites from abroad, communication with foreigners,
– coordination of the communication with the ACE, ENACA, EC,
– organizational ensure of the CEZAAR competition exhibition, 0910 443 413
02/54431254 (1080)


Officer for membership

– keeping the list and register – enrolment, deleting, certificates and stamps, oaths,
– responsible person according to the law on the protection of personal data,
– secretary of the Competition Committee, secretary of the Disciplinary Commission,
– STN-online, insurance of the architects, 0911 443412
02/54431254 (1080)


Deputy Director, Officer for foreign affairs and notification of professional qualification

– recognition of professional qualification, exams and qualifications acquired abroad,
– secretary of the Commission for Authorization,
– secretary of the Working group for the issue of professional qualification in architecture,
– secretary of the Life-long learning Committee, 0911 443 414
02/54431254 (1080)


Officer for Economic Issues

– economic agenda, accounting, property management of the Chamber, cash counter, budget of the Chamber,
– evidence of the contributions for the activities of the bodies of the Chamber and honorary declarations, 0903 443 413
02/54431254 (1080)

Ing. arch. Broňa TARNÓCY
mediálny koordinátor SKA

– zodpovedná za mediálnu politiku SKA
– PR aktivity SKA a CE∙ZA∙AR,  0905 410 548
02/54431254 (1080)

Mgr. art. Martin ZAIČEK
referent pre architektonické súťaže

– komunikácia s vyhlasovateľmi architektonických súťaží
– poskytovanie konzultácií ohľadom organizovania súťaží
02/54431254 (1080)


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